Startup Video

So… you’re shifting paradigms, disrupting the status quo, tweaking noses and poking eyes. You’re in a crowded space, entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs, dime a dozen. They have ideas, but then who doesn’t? The fact is, having ideas isn’t the hard part at all. Getting the idea to fruition is the hard part. To paraphrase Thomas Edison: Inspiration is 1%, perspiration is 99%.

As you continue on your journey you will come to a point when your idea is going to need investment. You saw the problems within the current paradigm. You clearly identified the pain, and you believe your solution addresses these things, but how do you convince investors? You convince an investor that the market needs you when your target audience convinces you, or you convince them, that they need you. No investor will invest if they think there is no need for your solution to exist. There is no return on something that need not be. You’ll have your pitch decks, containing information such as the problem, the solution, the business model, team, financial, competition and your advantage over them, value proposition, partners, market fit; and you will have - yourself. Don’t take yourself out of the equation when it comes to what investors take into account. You are the driving force, and on that note, congratulations; it’s a love-hate road you are on.

Light Within Productions can help your start-up as we have helped countless other start-ups; by creating both customer facing videos, such as explainer videos and animated marketing videos, and start-up investor pitch videos.

Harvard Business School published a paper called The Value of Openness in Scientific Problem Solving by Karim Lakhani et al ( Paper was published October 2006. The conclusion of the paper was “The further the problem from the solver’s expertise, the more likely they are to solve it.”

We as outsiders have perspective that you at times will not have; although we have to fuse with your project, in order to understand and appreciate it fully, as outsiders we come into it without bias. We are able to differentiate between what you want to say and what your target audience needs to hear; what you want to say, and what your investors need to know.