Research and Script

We acquire as much information about your product or service as possible, and converse with you to find out what it is you want to say. Of course what you want to say, and what you need to say could be two different things, so we would need to figure out, what your target audience wants to hear, what you can provide to and for them, your unique selling points, the benefits they obtain from the features you provide. The pool of information is then filtered till we get the core message. Once the message is known, we then work on the script to create an optimum environment in which to convey the subject, engage the viewer, describe the benefits and state the values.

High-Level Framework, Storyboard and Style Sheets

Your website, and any promotional materials are perused to make sure the video style will be consistent with your branding. If you have any example videos, contextual style is ascertained from them. If not, we work on what we feel would be the best way to visualize the script. A Contents Table is created, which states what is on screen, when, what animations occur, and general ambience and style. From the Contents Table, we then create a storyboard, and if that is approved style sheets are provided so we can nail the look of the video.

Voice Over

The script is sent to a professional voice over artist. You get to choose the artist you would like to have perform the script from a vast selection. Any nationality, accent, sex and language. One does need to take into account the suitability of the accent and sex in regards to the subject; as well as preconceptions of what is befitting the subject matter.

Video Production

Now begins the production of the video. Materials are either acquired or created by me in this process as the video takes form. You are shown the video as it progresses to make sure we are headed in the right direction.

Background music

Although we put the music in once the video production phase is complete, we actually start searching for suitable music well before, typically once half of the video is made. We take music seriously, and will not be dropping any elevator music, porno music, or run of the mill dime a dozen rubbish, but like any facet of the production process it has to fit in and be consistent in tone with the visuals, the voice over and general ambience.

Revisions and Finalization

Revisions required are implemented. Revision is termed as refinement of, content, style, tone, timing, etc. Once revisons are complete, you get the video in the format you want.

We can produce your video in a number of different languages, which includes on screen text and voice over.