Illuminate Your Audience

Should your target audience give you their attention?

What will you do with it? What will you tell them, that helps them make an informed decision, when it comes to choosing between you and your competitors? You're all saying the same things, you all look the same, act the same and speak the same. It's just noise.

How are you going to differentiate yourself? What makes you, you? Have you clearly defined the problem you seek to address? Is your solution alleviating the problem?

Articulate the problem, and the benefits of the solution

Don’t try to sell your product, business or service. Inform the audience of what you provide. Don't give lip service to the problems they face, clearly articulate understanding, comprehension and insight. Don’t indoctrinate with useless features, educate with benefits derived from the features. Cut out the hype, state the truth about the value you bring. Don’t keep them in the dark, illuminate your audience.

Your audience has a problem. You have the solution. Light Within Productions is the conduit, through which you can enlighten, entertain and convert your target audience.

You cater to everybody, you're memorable to nobody

Our videos speak to your market, about you. We clearly convey the problem you seek to alleviate, we state your unique value proposition and we engage your audience. We state the benefits you provide your customers, the value you bring to and for them. We talk to your audience with empathy of the situation they face, and highlight how your product or service alleviates the problems they encounter, and improves their experiences.

To convey something properly, one needs to understand it, which means we need to have as much information as possible about your product, service, et al, as possible. We are the conduit for your message, but the message is, and has to be yours; you know your audience. And we know how to embody the message for your audience in a video.

We create explainer videos and animated marketing videos that convey, inform, entertain and illuminate. We make startup videos that accelerate traction and growth. We produce corporate videos that are not additions bolted onto your existing promotions, but feel like an intrinsic part of them.

Video types To Use in the sales funnel

We know what type of video works in the most optimum manner in the sales funnel. We use a unique fusion of scientific research and white papers, logic and reason, data and statistics, psychology and emotive, and, creativity and intuition; to produce the required video dependant on where it is be used, and what the objectives are.

We know what type of video is needed to generate interest and awareness of your product, what type is used to present your solution as a real-world entity that alleviates real-world problems, and we know the type of videos that convert leads into sales at the final stage in the sales funnel.

Use Video In An Integrated content marketing solution

We understand that video is the most potent form of marketing communication in some areas, but we also understand that video should not be seen as a singular self-contained entity. Video has to work in tandem and in conjunction with other forms of marketing to increase efficacy, which is why we provide a complete integrated video content marketing production service that covers not only the video marketing production, but also other forms of content marketing production that work in an aligned and synergestic manner with the video.

These other forms of marketing content include, landing pages, call-to-actions, video SEO, traffic segmentation for analytics & A/B testing, and email marketing.

Explainer Video Production Guide

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Some Of Our Clients

What they said

Light Within Productions are a highly professional contractor, both in communication and methodology. They form an overview of what the project is about, who the target audience is, the message that has to be delivered to the target audience, and what is the best way to convey that message in its most effective form. They take the feedback of clients very seriously; striving to make their work in-line with what the client wants whilst at the same time ensuring the video’s ultimate ability to convey the message.

MoBolt Ltd.

We are very thankful to have found Light Within Productions! Their attention to detail is impeccable and patience very much valued. During the process, we had many questions around the various design aspects of the video. Light Within Productions always answered each one in great detail, explaining to us the pro and cons of each option he proposed. We are very satisfied with the resulting video and look forward to working with Light Within Productions again in the near future.

Zuellig Pharma

Having worked with Light Within Productions on a couple of occasions we found them to be professional, knowledgeable and creative. They strived to make sure our videos communicated the unique benefits and features of our platform (DermPRO) as well as in keeping with our brand. They were in constant communication with us, as well as updating us on a regularly basis. The final products were in-line with what I was looking for and of the highest quality. Looking forward to working with Light Within Productions.